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Queens Accessories maintains a very high level of quality assurance.   All of our hair extensions are imported from Asia.  It is carefully inspected and packaged for delivery.  It is our mission to provide you with a quality product and an excellent hair purchase experience.

Although we take pride in our high rate of customer satisfaction and great customer service, we are not able to accept returns at this time.

Exchanges must be initiated within 7 days of purchase.  All hair must be in the original packaging and still in its’ original banding before an exchange can be granted.

Steps for exchange:

  • All exchanges must be initiated within 7 days of purchase.
  • Merchandise must be in original packaging and banding still intact.
  • You are responsible for the shipping and handling of the exchange. It is recommended that you purchase shipping insurance to ensure the safe delivery of your merchandise.  (Queens Accessories is not responsible for lost/stolen packages).
  • Include the original invoice statement with the exchange.